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Pay Attention To Transmission Problems To Keep Your Car Working Well

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Transmission problems can happen at anytime, but tend to occur as your car gets older. A lack of transmission fluid can lead to trouble changing gears, and you can lose transmission fluid for a number of reasons no matter how old your car is. Your transmission sends power to each of your wheels, and is responsible for how fast your car travels. The transmission also controls the direction of your wheels, making it possible to go from drive to reverse by shifting gears. You have a transmission warning light that may go on that means your car needs transmission repair services. If your car is driving oddly, bring your car in for an inspection to see what is going on.

Issues with Gear Changing

You might notice that your car has trouble changing gears. You might feel a jerking motion as your car changes gears, or notice that your car keeps slipping out of the gear you put it in. Delayed engagement is also common, and means that your transmission is struggling to get your car into gear. The delay can be minimal, but you will notice when you put your car into gear and it doesn't go right away.

Your Warning Light Goes On

If your transmission warning light is on, get your transmission checked immediately. You might be driving around with a transmission fluid leak, and you can cause further damage to your transmission if you continue to drive your vehicle.

Difficulty with Acceleration

If you are on the highway and your car won't pick up speed, it could be an issue with your transmission. Trouble accelerating can occur because you have water in your gas, or because you have a hole in your exhaust system. You can try dry gas if your car won't accelerate like normal. If your exhaust system is fine and your gas isn't a problem, you may need car transmission services. Take your car in to be inspected when it doesn't speed up like normal.

A transmission rebuild is an expensive repair, but necessary once your transmission is failing. Your transmission is taken apart, cleaned, and any broken parts are changed out for new ones. Your transmission can last up to 200,000 miles, but there are times when it breaks down much earlier. Pay attention to issues with gear changes, and bring your car in for service when you aren't sure what is going on